Links and Info found in the book chapters.


Introduction - Pages xvii-xix

A definitive work on Vietnam: A History by Stanley Karnow.

The March of Folly: From Troy to Vietnam by Barbara W. Tuchman.

The real the story of USS Maddox Incident.

Air Force Historical Studies Office gives a retrospective on the Vietnam War in An Uncommon War: The US Air Force in Southeast Asia.

Learn about the Air Bases in Thailand during the Vietnam War.


Fighter Pilots Who Are Whose Guys - Pages 31-33

Quote comes from By-Line: Ernest Hemingway: Selected Articles and Dispatches of Four Decades.

See what a pungi looks like.


The New Boss is a Woman - Pages 51-58

See a brief summary of Air Force Academy History and the most controversial event that happen in 1976-the year they admitted women!

An overview of the History of Military Women pilots from 1911 to present


Orientation At Udorn Continues - Pages 63-67

Learn interesting facts and history about Thailand.


The General's Surprise - Pages 82-85

What is the mission of the ABCCC (A-B-Triple C) squadron? See photos of the EC130.


Fast Friends - Pages 96-101

Obama Restored Honor to General Lavelle on August 4, 2010. Washington Post Article

Dept. of Defense June 26, 1995 News Release: Remains found of Captain Leo Thomas and Lieutenant Dan Poynor in Laos.

Check Department of Defense for current stats on MIA/POW


Stop the Bombing for Bob - Pages 102-106

Watch an excerpt from one of Bob Hope's Vietnam USO Show-6.5 mins.

See Bob Hope's heartwarming Christmas Special - 1.5 hrs.


Sevens, Eights-It's Too Late - Pages 111-116

In August of 1920 the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified and gave women the right to vote. Read it and see the actual signed document.


Skits And Tits - Pages 122-127

Listen to the full What the Captain Means on YouTube.

How the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) was established and where it is.

See the full NATO Alphabet used by the military and civilian airlines worldwide over the radio and see it in the Morse code.


Rules of Engagement - Pages 155-159

An informative article on Testing the Rules of Engagement by Joe Patrick.


Whistle Blower - Pages 160-164

An Affair to Remember? by Major Patrick R. Tower on General John D. Lavelle and Sgt. Lonnie Franks.

Obama Restored Honor to General Lavelle on August 4, 2010.

See Arlington National Cemetery's write up on General John Daniel Lavelle.

General Lavelle exonerated A Reader's Guide To The Recent Correction Of A Terrible Nixon Injustice by John Dean, October 1, 2010.


The Triple Nickel Delivers - Pages 165-167

More info about the F-4 Phantom and watch an F-4 Takeoff.
See info on the MIG-21, a formidable foe of the F-4 and see a MiG-21 in flight.
The full story of Joe Kittinger's Famous Death Defying Leap by Elizabeth Hanes.
Library of Congress The Vietnam-Era Prisoner-of-War/Missing-in-Action Database.
Watch NBC newscaster, John Chancellor reporting on Last POWS released March 1973.


It's a Shit Hot Day - Pages 174-178

See a photo of General Cherry and Hong My and read the full story of the reunion in Above & Beyond: My Enemy, My Friend in the Air and Space Magazine May 1, 2009.

Better yet, get Brigadier General Dan Cherry's book My Enemy-My Friend a story of reconciliation from the Vietnam War.


Two More Brass Name Plates - Pages 184-192

Facts about the MiG 19.


MIG Killer-Misfit Pilot - Pages 197-199

Find out what an Article 15 is.

Black Panther on Base - Pages 200-202

Learn about the Black Panther Party of the Sixties.

The history of the 13th Tactical Fighter Squadron, its patch and it's black panther.

Find out who Eldridge Cleaver was.


All I Want Is a Can of Coors and a Can of Spam - Pages 203-211

May 10, 1972 one of the most intense days in the air war. Read a full account in One Day in a Long War by Jeffrey Ethell and Alfred Price.

More info on a Jolly Green Giant - HH-53 helicopter.

Here's what a A1-Skyrader-Sandy looks like.


The Debrief - Pages 212-216

Learn about the operations of the 40th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron in Vietnam.

Here's another Udorn MiG Killer, Colonel Charles "Chuck" DeBellevue, who became the number one Air Force Ace with six MiG kills to his credit. He was Oyster Three on the mission with Roger Locher on the fateful day he got shot down.

In 1990, 432nd Tactical Fighter Wing was in Misawa Air Force Base in Japan where Colonel Locher and Colonel DeBellevue would reunite as Vice Wing Commander and Base Commander.


Late Night Intruder - Pages 230-231

See the infamous Rice Bug and learn about other interesting Thai foods.

A Predicament - Pages 249-255

More complete facts on the Roe v Wade court decision from the Legal Information Institute.


No Turning Back - Pages 264-269

Read more about the IUD scandal A Crime Against Women: A. H. Robins and the Dalkon Sheild by Morton Mintz.


Bunk Bed Baby - Pages 270-275

See President Harry S. Truman's executive order on pregnant women in the military.

A comprehensive work about Women in the Military, An Unfinished Business by Major General Jeanne Holm,USAF (Ret.).


Sawadee - Pages 296-299

Visit the Arlington National Cemetery.

Find a Veteran's name on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.