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"Before Angel even stepped to the podium to begin to speak one is captivated by the liveliness of her step and her vivacious smile. She just radiates charm!

And then she begins her story.  And O MY! What a story she tells. As the only woman, ever to be in charge of an Officers' Club in a war zone, it is one that demonstrates her passion for her country, her passion for the O-Club to be the best haven for 'her boys,' as she calls them, whose lives away from home and families are pressed into the worst kind of stress as they engage in daily air-combat missions - some who never returned.
It's a tale from those turbulent times that you will relive with her all her celebrations, agonies, loves, and losses. Your heart strings will soar and break with her, but in the end you will fall in love with the real Angel, an authentic child of God, a Patriot who, as an Air Force Lt. Colonel served above and beyond with heart and soul, and through her lecture series continues to do so." 

- Jim Unger, US Naval Academy Alumnae Association


"Angel's presentation about history, her personal story, and the process of writing your book was inspiring.  Her candid style, genuine commentary, and obvious respect and passion for your fellow service men and women impacted all of our Rotarians and guests.  Our members left feeling rejuvenated about our country, impressed with you, and amused by your personal speaking style." 

- Dick Wingard, Past President, The Rotary Club of Portland


"Our audience evaluations found Angel's presentation very interesting and they really liked the link to history. They especially enjoyed her candor and found her personal story fun, interesting and poignant. Thanks for sharing your life experiences with us.

- Joyce Niewendorp, Senior Librarian at the City of Tigard, Oregon


"It was a rare treat for my book club to be able to talk to the author of a book we were reading, and we were very excited when Angel accepted our invitation to join us. The book stands alone as a great read, but being able to delve deeper into the story, and more specifically into a difficult time in our history that is still with us today, added richness to our conversation. Angel's honesty and forthrightness were refreshing and thought provoking."

- Mindy Clark's Book Club

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Dr. Pilato has spoken to numerous groups:   Service Clubs (Rotary, Kiwanis), Senior Living Centers, Veterans Groups, Libraries, Air Museums and Book Clubs.

Here's an excerpt from one of her presentations "How Being Part of History Turned Into a Memoir."

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