I'm taking "My Love Affair With the F-4 Phantom" to PhanCon!

On October 12 - 13 - 14, the F-4 Phantom II Society is having their conference in Tucson, AZ. 

They've invited me to be the guest speaker at the dinner. I was delighted, but I wanted to make sure that they wanted a "chick" to speak at their event. He said that I was keeping the memory of the F-4 Phantom alive through my book - so yes, they'd like me to come. 

Well, I'm so excited about going. I've decide that the title of my talk will be "My Love Affair With the F-4 Phantom."  

If you want to join the F-4 Phantom Society, it is $20/year and come on down to Tucson. Check out their website.

Also, thanks to John Mollison for the graphic. He painted a copy of the F-4 that I had my ride in on April 16, 1971 and he added it to the graphic.

John does absolutely great paintings of - just like his website says "Old Guys and Their Airplanes" and he was generous enough to do one of an old gal and her airplane.  

Thanks John! www.OldGuysAndTheirAirplanes.com