Why We Must Keep Our Promises to Our Vets

The barbeques were delicious. The fireworks were a blast. It was a great Independence Day. But you know what’s got my attention right now?

The veterans who still don’t have the benefits and services they need and deserve.

I believe we must always remember what is behind our celebrations of freedom. While we’re eating peanuts and cracker jacks, we have to keep in mind the cost of that freedom and ease—the sacrifice that our volunteer armed forces make to help the rest of us live in peace.

If someone puts their life on the line for our country, we must remember them when they come home. We must uphold our promises and not take their service for granted. Because if we forget, we do wrong.

In a world turned upside-down by catastrophes and wars, we hold onto our humanity and hope for better days by taking care of our soldiers, keeping our word, and making sure everyone can celebrate this precious freedom. That’s what we did—what we had to do—at Angel’s Truck Stop at Udorn Air Base in Thailand during the Vietnam War.

Yes, we should always have fun. I love fun! Yes, we should celebrate freedom. But we must never forget what powers that freedom. We must never forget to take care of our veterans when they come home.