Colonel Chuck DeBellvue

Leading Aviation Ace from the Vietnam War

What does it take to be an Aviation ACE? What is an Aviation ACE? When a fighter pilot engages in air-to-air combat with an enemy aircraft, he has to shoot it down before he gets shot down. He has to do this five times to be considered an ACE.

Col. Chuck DeBellevue, while stationed at Udorn Air Base during the Vietnam War, shot down his first Soviet-built MiG fighter jet on May 10, 1972 and lived to do it again five more times.

Col. DeBellevue, a highly decorated aviator with 30 years of service in the Air Force, is coming from Edmond, Oklahoma and promises to give us an interesting and informative presentation for our Veterans tribute.

Reception Monday, Nov. 11 and Veterans Day Tribute Tuesday, Nov 12.

F-4 Phantom II Society


The F-4 Phantom II Society is an international non-profit dedicated to the preservation of the history of the "Phabulous" McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II fighter.

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General Dan Cherry


Edward Daniel “Dan” Cherry is the author of My Enemy, My Friend, a story of reconciliation from the Vietnam War. This inspiring book chronicles an intense 1972 dogfight between Dan’s F-4 Phantom and a North Vietnamese MiG-21 and his subsequent meeting and friendship with the MiG pilot, Nguyen Hong My.

Learn more about General Cherry and his book, My Enemy, My Friend, a story of reconciliation from the Vietnam War at